I haven’t shown much follower appreciation lately. D: I LOVE YOU ALL! - So much in fact that I decided to share these three earlier than I originally planned!

Please Note:

  • Jeremy, Nathan, and Samantha were born in game to Elyan and Bobbi as part of the first generation of the Zombie Aftermath Challenge.All of their traits and lifetime wants were products of the challenge and were randomly rolled by the game. They also don’t wear any make up. I am VERY OK with you changing anything and everything about them.
  • All three are wearing my default skin and eyes. Unfortunately they no longer exist on the internet and I don’t feel comfortable sharing someone else’s work. Just know they will show in your defaults.
  • Since they were born in game, I have no idea what sliders they use. I strongly caution against changing their features, but I can’t stop you. Just know they may snap into different shapes if tampered with.
  • Jeremy and Nathan are only wearing CC on their everyday outfits. The rest of their clothes, including all of Samantha’s, are from base game. I did this on purpose due to the over-use of patterns, my inability to locate some of their clothing, and the fact I’m hoping you’d give them all better lives after surviving the harsh conditions they were born into. Please help them learn how to live in a regular society. LOL
  • These were saved with patch 1.63.

Jeremy Cruiz
Scorpio, Brave, Disciplined, Excitable, Loves the Cold, Green Thumb
Likes: Black, Rock music, and Autumn Salad
Wants to become an Astronaut
CC: Hair - Brows #4 - Facial Hair * - Top - Bottoms - Boots

* I guess his face hair is no longer on the net either. Sorry guys. :( This makes me sad. If anyone knows of a place to download Creature Fear Sims stuff, let me know?

Nathan Cruiz
Aquarius, Brave, Night Owl, Handy, Virtuoso, Loves the Heat
Likes: Green, Songwriter music, and Grilled Salmon
Wants to become an Astronaut
CC: Hair - Brows - Face Hair (LN) - Top - Bottoms - Boots

Samantha Cruiz
Libra, Loner, Family-Oriented, DareDevil, Virtuoso, Bookworm
Likes: Aqua, Classical Music, and Grilled Salmon
Wants to be Surrounded by Family
CC: Hair - Brows

DOWNLOAD: Jeremy / Nathan / Samantha (.sim only)

TOU: As I’ve stated above, I don’t care what you do with them in your own game. Please don’t place them under Adfly links, upload them anywhere else, or claim any part of them as your own creation. Thank you!

Outtakes while taking these pictures.

Helmet: Smokes & Waves

Sequel to Helmet & Flower

Helmet: Alt. End


I saw this post by Jill and wanted to give it a go as well. Had a bit of fun while resting my ankle (hurt it a little bit yesterday).

You can give it a try here.

Noa - Mathias
Yomi - Ama - Nagi