Well, this looks like it’s the end. I’m stuck and there’s no use harping on what I can’t have. I knew it was useless from the start. I told them I- … wait. Is that? IT IS!


Hah, told you I would!

A true Nord will never rest until Sovngarde beckons.

A collection of highlights from Marian’s perilous journey.

Marian and Friends of Skyrim

Set of pictures featuring my Nord mead-lover and her companions.
Derkeethus - Serana - Inigo - Aela - Erik
Meeko - Shadowmere

Some WIPs of the Marygold and Henry comics I’m working on. I have to out my gears on and finish this since it also needs colors.

Sorry for bad quality. Taken directly from my phone without editing since I can’t find the plug to my computer. Edited slightly for clarity.

Just took this specifically for two of my friends here.

I know they’re both going through some hard time right now, and I also know I can’t do anything much behind this monitor. However, the least I could do, I’d go for it,

Hopefully this little picture can give you a smile at the very least. Stay strong, girls.

Comeback Photoshoot: Gamer Pinups


A couple of weeks ago, I was randomly inspired to do some pinup shots of old school game characters. Sonic, Mario, etc and I would like some feed back and possibly some community help. :)

I was wondering if any of you have a certain character you would love to see be done or even would like to…


Fixed some problems I was having with bad CC after three days. >.< On the plus side, my game is running better than it has in ages!